Queen of Pentacles in Love and Relationships

Description: A feminine energy that is earthly in nature.

Upright Queen of Pentacles just like the King of Pentacles is very faithful and believes in serious relationships. So for a man, she heralds a commitment or long term relationship. Apparently, Queen of Pentacles is the perfect girlfriend that every man dreams of. It is just that she is not only consistent, but also knows how to please her boyfriend.

Same applies to feelings. Love is unwavering in her heart. But do not take her for granted. Do not do something that humiliates or hurts her ego. She is a logical lover and does not succumb to blind love. She is sharper in her head than the King of Pentacles. Being future oriented, she knows what she wants in her relationship and who is unhealthy for her well being. For a while of course, she tries her best to amend a bad relationship with negotiations. When it all fails she does not hesitate to show her boyfriend the door, bringing in a true end to everything. She will not look back. She will not urge him to get back together.

Reversed Queen of Pentacles is a bad woman. In this case, her mind is not just sharp and future oriented, but also money hungry. She is selfish and prefers to date only rich men. Love is not important for her, but she does want commitment. In her mind, the ultimate happiness lies in money for it can buy everything and promise a comfortable and secure future. She likes a car or expensive jewelry as a present and not a snow globe.

Another meaning of Queen of Pentacles does simply not understanding love or the lover. This interpretation applies to those who are already in a stable relationship, but going through some kind of issues. The queen here is saying that the girlfriend is being too closed off or giving into only what she thinks is right. She is not ready to be empathetic to her lover ‘s statements.


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