Page of Pentacles in Love and Relationships

Descriptions: Focusing on what is relevant.

Page of Pentacles can be either positive or negative in any given situation. In a relationship reading, upright, it might simply herald that something between the two lovers is gaining more focus. This is not that bad, but a warning to be noted is that it is better not to get too carried away by that something. Otherwise, it will make the relationship to suffer. If you have not understood the meaning of the tarot card take a look at the examples given below.

Focusing on:
  • whether you will be happy with your lover in the future 
  • building the relationship 
  • finding a weakness in your lover to manipulate it 
Any of these can be represented by the Page of Pentacles. Our little guy is gazing at the coin he is holding in his hand. Now coins are considered as elements of materialism which then can be connected to self interest. Improving a relationship is a nice thing to do, but manipulating the weakness of a lover is not! But somehow they both are linked to inner motives. So the keyword for Page of Pentacles is focusing on something that promises great achievement.

For feelings, Page of Pentacles talks of realistic approach. In other words, the person does have love feelings, but he will act on it only after careful consideration of what he will gain from them. That is why, this card has a tendency to appear in a reading done about a new relationship.

Reversed Page of Pentacles shows moving ahead from the focal point. Waking up suddenly occurs. The coin has slipped away from the guy. For a relationship situation, this means a break from the concentration. Perhaps, a major argument has taken place between the lovers for which they do not want to think about the relationship for the time being. Failing of any evil plan can also be represented by the reversed Page of Pentacles. Additionally, for feelings, it shows a cancellation. That is, no more spending time on the thing of admiration. The falling of the coin also means him realizing that his lover has slipped away from his clutch. It is that "Oh no, I lost that precious one" feeling.


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