Four of Cups in Love and Relationships

Description: You are finding it difficult to accept the good things in your life.

Too much of something at one point becomes tedious and this is what the Four of Cups represents. In the same way, in relationship situations, there is just too much love and happiness, but one of the lovers is either too bored with it or is expecting something more than this in a shocking manner. So you can actually expect him to say:

“We need to go on a trip.”
“You are trying too hard.”
“Your cooking skill is deteriorating.”
“You never buy me anything.”
“I thought it was your job to water the plants.”

Apparently, there are many other meanings attached to this tarot card. For instance, this tarot card can indicate that you know exactly how you should be running a relationship, but somehow you have decided to not follow them.

Four of Cups tarot card can also signify an unstable relationship where a traditional commitment does not exist. That is, you have been seeing someone and you want him to commit to you. As a matter of fact, you are very helpful and loving to this man. Like a therapist, you listen to his problems and even when necessary you offer him sex. He, on the other hand, enjoys all of it, but does not show any interest in starting a long term relationship with you. Worse than this is the fact that he always seems to come up with excuses to avoid the conversation about it. Additionally, this tarot card represents a time when you have many options, but you choose not to date anyone at all.

Now if you are doing the reading to find out what your love interest thinks of you and you end up with the Four of Cups then it means that he is too full of himself and thus he does not take time to see the real you. So there is a possibility that he feels that he deserves someone better than you.

Reversed Four of Cups breaks the tantrum in the relationship. The feeling of boredom is gone and thus the two lovers once again enjoy each other’s company. Otherwise, it is possible for them to break up and make room for others to come their ways. This can also be the case for an unstable relationship. You have finally understood that the man in question is not right for you. So you stop giving too much to him. It is also possible for you to charter new waters.


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