The Empress Card in Love and Relationships

Description: A lady from the dreams might have to meet his mom.

By general interpretation, the Empress tarot card depicts a woman who cares for everyone. In love and relationship, she is no different from the High Priestess. Only difference is that she is neither controlling nor intentionally influencing her man. Yet, her man thinks she is the ultimate woman he could ever have in his life. In short, while he is the emperor of his own world, she is his empress!

For a relationship the Empress Tarot card can have multiple meanings. First of all, its appearance can notify that the female partner is intending to be pregnant or she already is carrying the baby. But if this is not the case then things in the relationship are really flowing smoothly. Interestingly, this tarot card can also appear after two people decided to just break up. Under such circumstances, of course, a new beginning starts, but more than the man, the woman thinks about the breakup and often finds herself depressed about the change.

The Empress tarot card in reversed position is again similar to reversed High Priestess. The man no more thinks of his partner as attractive and caring. As a matter of fact, he might simply stop thinking about her. In relationship situation, this tarot card reversed can also mean severe sorrow being felt by both the partners. Arguments become apparent and the depression runs aggressively for the two. Unfortunately, it usually takes a lot of work to make things better once again.


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