Four of Pentacles in Love and Relationships

Clinging onto something of value.

Upright Four of Pentacles is all about holding onto the precious possessions. Now for a relationship situation, three different meanings can be extracted from this, but somehow they are always connected to the issue of love. Is your partner too possessive about you? If your answer is yes then it means that he values you so much that he just cannot let you be out of his sight. It is also possible for him to see his relationship as the top priority of his life.

The second meaning revolves around those relationships where a complete commitment has not taken place. Under such circumstances, the people involved are not in mood to give affection to their partners. They just think too highly of themselves. Also they have a feeling that their partners do not deserve special attention. Same is true for the feelings of the love interests. Although they can have feelings for you they are not ready to really allow them to come to the surface. It is the moment of "I am too good for you".

Apart from this, if the Four of Pentacles represents the relationship itself then it means that it is having a smooth sailing. As a matter of fact, it contains all the factors that create a strong bond between two lovers. Love, security, understanding and healthy flow of communication are some of the examples.

Reversed Four of Pentacles is definitely not a positive sign. In my past readings, this card reversed always showed a disagreement that was about to take between the two lovers. The clients confirmed that when this disagreement took place in their relationships they completely lost control of themselves. All they could think of was how to express the wrath and frustration they had about their partners. For the relationship itself, reversed Four of Pentacles is a bad news. In details, it implies that all the factors that create the smoothness in the relationship are fading. If the couple does not make a point to fix it, a breakup becomes their only option.

In cases related to people who are not open commitment, reversed Four of Pentacles is a dangerous sign. If you ask them whether they wish to take things to the next level they will just verbally abuse you. In fact, they might end up expressing why they think that you are not right for them.

For feelings, this card in reversed position shows an embarrassing situation. Yes, your love interest is determined to not let his feelings show up, but somehow they end up oozing out.


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