Three of Pentacles in Love and Relationships

Description:Creating a plan to work on.

Upright Three of Pentacles talks of different people coming together to work on one single task. If you notice the figures in the tarot card you will see that the two church people seem to be busy in a conversation regarding construction with an architect. Factually, this is linked to building something of value. In a relationship, this is resembles a time when the two lovers must start planning about where they want to go from the current situation. Similarly, if an argument has taken place Three of Pentacles implies a compromise.

For feelings, Three of Pentacles is a positive tarot card because it basically implies that your love interest has been moved by you. It seems you have all the qualities he wants in his lady love. Additionally, if his feelings are deep for you then the tarot card points out that he has a wish to come closer to you to see if a relationship with you is possible or not. However, if you are dating this man then in the future position Three of Pentacles signals that you two would be meeting a lot more to begin a relationship.

Three of Pentacles in reversed position, shows a cancelled situation. In a relationship situation, this means that the communication about building the relationship is not going to be happening. It is just that both the lovers are too passive to work things out. Otherwise, the differences are so huge that they are not even ready to see each other’s face. In short, if it is a case of argument they will not give into the elements of compromise.

In the case of feelings, reversed Three of Pentacles implies a halt. That is, the man you are eyeing on has stopped having feelings for you because he has suddenly realized that you do not have special qualities.


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