King of Wands in Love and Relationships

Description: Focusing on something specific with greater energy.

Generally, King of Wands tarot card consists of a wide variety of meanings, but somehow they are all connected with the keyword energy. To get a clear understanding of this, you basically have to concentrate on the question you have created for the reading and the surrounding cards. One point to be noted is that just like Knight of Wands, upright King of Wands is not a romantic tarot card. But since this King is driven by the energy of Wands, he can be taken as someone who tries too hard to satisfy his or other person's desire. So it is possible to say that for a relationship situation, it represents that one specific moment when the two lovers try too hard to please each other.

However, if the King of Wands represents your love interest then it means that he is better off as a friend, for that energized Wand in his hand signifies that he has a need for adventure in the realm of love and romance. Interestingly, this tarot card also signifies that you have been checked out by your love interest through your social network profiles and other means. The truth is that he does think about you.

Reversed King of Wands is a cunning man. He has hidden agenda and thus, he might pursue you to fulfill it. For a relationship situations, this tarot card talks of a controlling partner. He simply thinks that he is your boss. Meanwhile, it can also signify that the two lovers go so overboard with the nurturing aspect of the relationship that they fail to focus on all other parts of their lives. Another meaning conveyed by the reversed King of Wands is mistake done because of impatience and aggressive behavior.


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