Four of Wands in Love and Relationships

Description: A happy time.

Four of Wands is a wonderful tarot card to look at. Good news is that it is one of the best from the suite of wands for love and relationship situations. Basically, upright Four of Wands shows a warm loving time between the two lovers. So when this tarot card appears in the reading it tries to tell you that your love interest feels comfortable with you. At the same time, it signifies that your union has been accepted by your family and friends. Overall, Four of Wands is all about happiness coming.

Now what happens when you get this card in a reading you are doing to find out what your partner is up to? In this situation, the meaning of the card no more remains romantic. The notion of family is still stretched with a touch emotional thoughts.

In details, here Four of Wands tells you that your partner is hanging out with a a group of people whom he considers to be his family. What is interesting is that this group does not require to always have biological connection with him. The people can simply be his friends and he just shares warmer friendship with them. I can explain it with a simple real life situation. There was one time when an inquirer asked me to find out if her boyfriend was alight because he did not call her for couple of days. He was out of town. With no other information given, I sat down to do the reading. One of the cards emphasizing what he was up to was this Four of Wands. It immediately told us that he was busy with his friend and his family for which he did not get the time to call her. The meaning does not completely end here. Four of Wands is a celebration card. So in her boyfriend's situation, this also played a major role.

In reversed position Four of Wands shows things going in the opposite direction. Your love interest simply does not feel at home with you. Also there are some disagreements in the relationship. Meanwhile, your parents and friends do not feel that you are with the right person. So if you take your partner to your place expect your parents to be in bad mood.


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