Ace of Pentacles in Love and Relationships

Description: Something you desire is at your corridor.

Upright Ace of Pentacles promises solidity. But do not get carried away by this meaning because it is attached to the initial stage. In other words, the appearance of the Ace of Pentacles signals that the beginning of your new project will have a smooth sailing. Likewise, in relationships situations, this tarot card affirms that things between the two lovers are heading towards a positive or satisfying direction. Yet not a complete commitment is present in Ace of Pentacles. That said, one thing is certain and that is, the two lovers see each other as relationship materials in a practical way. So they will try to stay with each other to reach a happy conclusion. Additionally, sometimes Ace of Pentacles implies that one of the lovers has money and they are willing to help their other half financially.  The offering and gifts are the keywords here.

Now for the issue of love and feelings, Ace of Pentacles can be taken as a very interesting tarot card because this is where it can represent two different meanings.  The broadest interpretation of it is that your love interest does like you, but his feelings about you are associated with realism and not love.  Now in some cases, this can lead to either positive or negative intention. Let us first understand the first one. As mentioned before, the Ace of Pentacles represents solidity. This can easily be attached to your personality. In details, if you have allowed yourself to be known to your love interest then the tarot card confirms that he sees you as a girlfriend or wife material. In short, his intention towards you is good. Now if you have talked to him about your salary, house or any other of your expensive possessions, then the appearance of this tarot card as his feelings says that he still sees you as a person who can be his mate, but with a twist! To be clear, he feels that since you have the money you can financially help him achieve his goals. In short, he is in love with your money!

Reversed Ace of Pentacles, of course, is negative in nature. Basically, it implies that the two lovers in the relationship will come across some problems right in the beginning of anything they start together. In the outcome position, the reversed Ace of Pentacles also talks of failure. In short, the happy conclusion will not be reached. Another meaning of reversed Ace of Pentacles is losing money. That is, one of the lovers is spending a lot of money to keep the other one happy.  Last, for feelings, it implies rejection.


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