Page of Wands in Love and Relationships

You are surrounded with heavy energy.

The Page of Wands represents starting of something in aggressive manner. Upright, this tarot card represents a relationship driven by love and hate. The attraction is certainly there, but sometimes you two just feel that you are better off without each other. Yet the breakup does not happen!  So expect some frustrations.

If you have recently broken up then the Page of Wands signals that you have decided to date many different people because you are looking more for adventure in love than settling down. It is simply because you feel that a relationship for the time being will suffocate you.

It is also important to mention here that Page of Wands is closely linked to verbal or written information which often is taken as good news. Meanwhile, the tarot card is ruled by the zodiac sign Aries which is named as the initiator. So if you are doing a reading on whether there is any chance for you to get a positive message from your love interest and the Page of Wands shows up then it means that yes he will definitely try to contact you and its result will satisfy you greatly.

Reversed Page of Wands can be seen as very negative. This signifies a relationship where arguments happen not because of valid reasons, but because of tantrums and shallowness. There is a need for one of the lovers to grow up.  Meanwhile, the relationship loses its path and thus, the future looks blind. Coming back to the verbal or written information, yes, it is still possible for you to receive it, but instead of getting happiness, you will be disappointed with it.

There is a lot of impulsive energy in the Page of Wands tarot card. As a matter of fact, it is easy for its meaning to change every now and then. So when it appears in your reading take it with a grain of salt instead of dwelling on its one specific meanings.


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