Nine of Cups in Love and Relationships

Description: You are satisfied with everything.

Nine of Cups shows a smiling man sitting in relaxed position. Nine cups are behind him. For love and relationship situations, this heralds satisfaction. You basically have no issues with your lover and you just like the way your relationship is going. Feeling wise, Nine of Cups tarot card heralds happiness and admiration. Yes, your love interest likes you, but he is not making a move on you because he wants you to take the first step. It is good to see this card in a yes or no reading because it usually means a big yes!

Reversed Nine of Cups tarot card is negative. It implies that issues and even insecurity in the relationship are beginning to surface and you are just sad about it. However, since Nine of Cups is from minor arcane even in reversed position it tells you that everything is fixable. So gather your strength and head to your lover to remove the negativity from your relationship.

Now in some readings I did in the past, Nine of Cups reversed pointed out alcoholism in one of the lovers. That is, one of them was drinking a lot. So when this tarot card appears in reversed position concentrate on how much your lover drinks, for too much alcoholism can at one point affect your relationship with him.

For feelings also Nine of Cups reversed is not a good sign, for it heralds that your love interest thinks he is too handsome and thus he can easily find someone far better than you.


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